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Italian Citizenship the Dream!

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If you have always dreamed of being an Italian citizen or if you have dreamed of getting your dual U.S. - Italian citizenship, we can help.

Our citizenship experts will discuss the various citizenship programs with you and research to see which program is best suited for you and your family.

For You

As an Italian citizen, you will enjoy many benefits, including the ability to travel freely throughout Europe.

For Your Family

You may even be able to pass your citizenship on to your heirs. What a great gift to share!

How Does It Work?

We are here to help you explore your options for being recognized as an Italian citizen. Here is how we work:

Step 1: Contact Us

We will set up a time with you and a member of our Citizenship Team to discuss your options. During our call, we will discuss several options for obtaining citizenship.

Step 2: We Research

After our call, we will research your case and help you decide which of the several paths to being recognized as an Italian Citizen are best suited for you and/or your family.

Step 3: Finish Process

The process of being recognized as an Italian citizen can take as little as a few months or a bit longer, depending on the complexity of your case. We will keep you informed as things progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers.

How do I get started?

First, contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. You will select a time for a call with one of our Citizenship Team members to discuss your options. It only takes about a minute to complete the process. Get started now!

Am I guaranteed to get my Citizenship?

There are many programs that provide ways for you to gain Italian citizenship. Unfortunately, however, there is no guarantee when dealing with the Italian government.

My Great-grandfather was Italian. Can I become a citizen?

There are certain requirements, but yes, you may be able to become an Italian citizen based on your family blood.

How long does it take and what does it cost?

The length of time depends on a number of factors. It can be a short as a few months, or a fair bit longer, depending upon the complexity of your case.

The cost depends upon which path you take. Our citizenship experts will help you pick the best option. Regardless of whether you choose to do it yourself or hire us to do it for you, there are many government fees that must be covered. So, there are no completely free options.

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